What to Wear


The session fee is paid, the date is confirmed in the calendar and you are excited about your upcoming portrait session. But then…the dreaded question arises: “What on earth are we going to wear?” Undoubtedly you know the basic portrait rules: that you can’t go wrong with solid colors.
But where to go from there? And what traditional portrait wardrobe rules are meant to be bent, if not broken entirely? And what about dressing the entire family?
Worry no more – that is where these guidelines will come in handy. The result will be fresh, classic, yet distinctly modern portraits that will tell the story of your family.

Star of the Show

A wildly-patterned pair of cargo pants and a hipster tee. Her funky hot pink tutu and cowboy boots. His “superhero” cape. A individual session gives your child a chance to show his or her personality through fashion like no other. The possibilities are endless.


Creating a coordinated but not “uniform” look for your family makes a much more pleasing photograph. It is not nearly as difficult as you think it is! The cardinal rule of family dressing for portraits is simple: choose items for the entire family as if you were creating one outfit. If all of your choices were somehow on one person, would the result be pleasing color wise?

A handy trick for those who are hesitant to break away from the safety of the monochrome outfit, is to choose one patterned item (for example: a printed dress for your daughter) and then select the rest of the family’s clothing from the colors within that pattern.


Wardrobe choices for sibling shots like those for the family images, should be complementary but far from “a matching uniform.”

A tried and true formula for a boy/girl sibling duo includes: a patterned dress or skirt for the girl, with the boy in a solid shirt pulled from the pattern. If the little girl is wearing a solid shirt with a patterned skirt, have the boys top match a different color in her skirt, so that their shirts don’t match precisely. Trust me…it works.